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Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game Christmas Toys

Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game

Categories: Games, Puzzels, Cards & More
Age Range: 5 years - 9 years
Avg. Retail Price: $25.00

The Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game from Mattel is inspired by the popular Angry Birds mobile phone game app from Rovio. This action packed Angry Birds Knock on Wood game can be played by up to four players and is recommended for children between the ages of 5 to 7 years old. The game consists of three “angry birds” of different weights and sizes, four greedy pigs and 14 different pieces for building the structure for the pigs, a sling shot launcher, mission cards, golden eggs and a star.

The theme of the game is that the greedy pigs have stolen the birds’ eggs, so the angry bird’s only alternative is to destroy the pigs in order to retrieve their eggs. One player draws a mission card and builds a structure according to the card while the other player has to launch the angry bird attack to destroy the structure and hit the pigs to earn points. There are three difficulty levels with level 1 being the least difficult. This level can earn the player three hundred points. Level three being the most difficult level can earn the player three hundred points. The person who earns a thousand points first, wins the game! The Angry Birds: Knock On Wood game is an entertaining game for children but even more fun when the whole family joins in.

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