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Angry Birds On Thin Ice Game
Angry Birds On Thin Ice Game
Angry Birds On Thin Ice Game

Angry Birds On Thin Ice Game

Categories: Games, Puzzels, Cards & More
Age Range: 5 years - 8 years
Avg. Retail Price: $23.00

The Angry Birds are at it again, and this time they need your help! The Angry Birds "On Thin Ice" Game is tons of fun for any Angry Bird fan! The object of the game is to build a structure using the included building materials before your opponents launch those silly Angry Birds, catapult style, to knock down your creation! This exciting action and skill game pays homage to the super popular iPod and cell phone application and involves players building, launching, and then destroying obstacles and objects. This version of the game features fun new activities and features, including breakable building blocks, pigs wearing helmets, explosives and a brand new (rather large) character to love – a red bird, of course!

Playing Angry Birds "On Thin Ice" is simple! Players just draw a mission card and then build whatever structure that the card depicts before other players launch Angry Birds, trying to knock the structure down! Included in the Angry Birds "On Thin Ice" Game are two Angry Birds, three Green Pigs, one slingshot launcher catapult, mission cards and structure pieces. Angry Birds "On Thin Ice" Game is intended for two to four players, ages five and up.

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