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Pillow Pet Pillows

Categories: As Seen On TV - Dolls & Stuffed Animals
Age Range: 3 years - 13 years
Avg. Retail Price: $20.00

What are one of the hottest gifts of the year that cost around 20 bucks? They are of course the most adored stuffed plush animals of all times: Pillow Pets. Pillow Pet Pillows are cute little animals that kids just can’t get enough of. Pillow Pet Pillows can be used as soft comfortable pillows children can snuggle with or they can be used to carry a pair of pajamas by folding over the Pillow Pet Pillow, then fastening it together with it’s sewn in Velcro. Get your little one a Pillow Pet Pillow and you’ll see a grin from ear to ear!


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